вторник, 23 декабря 2014 г.

The Hobbit - One Last Time

It was so sad to see the last chapter of The Hobbit Movie! I love J.R.R. Tolkien and movies of Peter Jackson based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books which were and will be always a big part of my life and my self. I'm very thankful to all who made this real.

Martin Freeman - a brilliant actor, he makes you believe, follow him and enter the world of Middle Earth. There are just a few subtle gestures which are quite important and are making his character Bilbo very true and complete. For example, moving his nose and mouth in circles, moving his fingers, his stuttering when in process of thinking he has some doubts or has to reconsider something. He is a real hobbit in the movie. Bravo!


Cate Blanchett - my favorite lady elf actor in these movies.